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Awning Care Tips & Info

Fabric awnings can provide years of enjoyment with the proper care and maintenance.

Awning care is easy, just follow these directions:

  1. Before cleaning any awning fabric, consult the fabric manufacturer for proper cleaning instructions.

  3. Brush off all debris.

  5. Clean from the bottom and work up.

  7. Gently scrub the awning and valance with a soft bristled brush and a mild soap such as dish washing liquid.

  9. Wash all parts of the awning. Missed spots show when dry.

  11. Thoroughly and completely rinse awning. Film left on the material will leave marks and a chalky residue.

  13. About once a month rinse your awning down with a garden hose and keep the underside clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom.

  15. Keep shrubbery and vines trimmed away from your awning, they contain acid that can damage fabric. In addition, check awning frames for rust. Though rust is not likely, it can cause deterioration of the frame and lead to fabric stains.


Or have your awning cleaned by a professional.

Regular maintenance generally means a once-a-year cleaning, with additional care if stains or soilage appears.

Your professional awning supplier will be able to recommend awning cleaners in your area. This site also has a limited number of professional cleaners in its database.

Sunbrella Guide to Awnings Care and Cleaning Sunbrella Guide to Awnings Care and Cleaning
Sunbrella Stain Chart Sunbrella Stain Chart