Why Hire Us?


Here at Awning Solutions Inc. our team of professionals not only love what we do but also are seasoned with years of experience to handle all of your awning needs.

Our 4,000+ sq. ft. facility holds all the necessary tools to get the job done while also using the latest and greatest in design materials, supplies, and finishes, making your project its best.

We have a modest facility. However, it’s tall. Welding fabrication on the first floor and sewing / graphics on the second floor. Our motto is: “there’s room to grow, who needs a big building?”

Our team will work with you in an efficient, personal, and friendly manner from start to finish, guaranteeing to have what it takes and more to complete your project with the best possible outcome! What we offer our clients… Commitment at Awning Solutions Inc. our workers are committed to excellence.

What we offer our clients…

At Awning Solutions Inc. our workers are committed to excellence. We strive not to just meet your expectations, but to exceed them.
We are committed and dedicated to bringing you the perfect SOLUTION(S)!

Awning Solutions Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has agreed to the Bureau’s membership standards, which includes a commitment to ethical business practices. We want nothing more than to satisfy you as our customer by completing your custom awning for you to enjoy for years! You can trust us to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and requirements, getting it just right for you.

Our master craftsmen have over 20 years’ experience in canvas and metal fabrication. All of our installers, welders, fabricators, sewers, cutters, and graphics personnel are all experienced and trained to complete the job right and in a timely manner. Awning Solutions Inc. reputation in the awning industry is widely known and most our business comes from referrals alone.

We carry a huge selections of fabric styles and colors on hand in our facility. Our selection of awning styles are endless. Custom pipe frame awnings, rigid frame awnings, valances, retractable awnings, custom canopies, patio and shade covers, sun shades, solar screens, and much more. We will design you anything you can imagine while using the latest in 3D design software.

When it comes to providing quality craftsmanship for our customers, we cut no corners. From start to finish your custom design work is perfected, right down to the smallest details. We use some of the finest materials to complete your job down to very last details. There is no compromise in quality when choosing Awning Solutions Inc. and offer a 5 year limited warranty on all canvas and frames to prove that.

Price and Scalability
Custom work is not cheap as you may know, but at Awning Solutions Inc. we are extremely competitive and affordable. We’re not a Low-Cost awning company, and other companies may be cheaper, but you will definitely get what you pay for with us.

We’re located in Spring Valley County San Diego which makes our facility central to the surrounding San Diego Area. We have taken work as far up to the LA area and more.

Customer Satisfaction
Making and keeping our customers happy is our Number 1 priority. People feel comfortable sending their friends, family, and clients to us because they know that we will not only meet, but exceed their expectations. Customer reviews and testimonials back this up, and we continue to satisfy people day in day out.

For every need, there’s a solution!
Make Awning Solutions Inc. find your solution and turn your dreams into reality!