Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a fixed awning?

A: A fixed awning is a welded galvanized steel or aluminum tubing which is permanent and does not retract. Usually customized to fit your particular application.

Q: Do awnings save on cooling costs?

A: Awnings can substantially save you on air conditioning costs and lower room temperature up to 5 degrees.

Q: How long do awnings last?

A: With proper care, you can expect a lifetime of five to ten years.

Q: Can awnings be recovered?

A: Yes, your awning fabric can be replaced. The cost is approximately 45% of the original awning cost, plus inflation.

Q: Do the fabric colors fade?

A: Sunbrella, Recacril, Dickson and most, but not all fabrics are guaranteed not to fade more than 1% in 5 years. Some fabrics are guaranteed up to 8 years.

Q: Will the frame rust?

A: Retractable awnings have anodized aluminum frames with powder coated castings and components. Our fixed frames come with either acrylic paint, epoxy coat primer and polyurethane color finish, or powder coated. Finishes usually depend on location, near the ocean or inland?

Q: Do we need to make an appointment or come by to see the show room?

A: No appointment is needed to visit our showroom. However, to give you the most accurate quote, our estimator needs to see and measure for your awning. There are many considerations to take in to account, The height and location of awning, obstacles to maneuver around, wall type, work hours, restrictions (commercial or residential restrictions), distance to job-site, safety precautions, and most importantly, design aspects. (Better to see with one’s eyes to recommend what fabric, style, and color choices). The show room is good for helping to determine what style to choose and to look at the manufacturing facility to instill confidence that the job will get done. We are always ready for inspection.

Q: Who comes out to my house or business?

A: Only knowledgeable and trained salespersons. Our sales staff have a minimum of five years to 38 years in the awning industry.

Q: When will I receive my quote?

A: Usually the next day. However, it depends on how in-depth the project is (plans, layouts, samples, and drawings). If it is a simple new or awning recovering, then it can be ready by days end. Ask your salesperson for the turn around time on the quote. Our goal is to get it done ASAP!

Q: Why can’t salespeople give a ballpark price?

A: Most of the time they need to check current pricing on materials, or just think out the project where they leave nothing out and in return render a quality product for a reasonable price. Also, between the estimators (salespeople) we discuss and ask questions, making sure we have the best quality control. Two or more minds are better than one.

Q: What if we like the quote and want to get started?

A: Call or email your salesperson. He/she will ask you to sign it and fax, email, or mail it back to the company. Most of the time it is standard to send the signed quote with a deposit check. (When required)

Q: Why do you need a deposit?

A: Deposits are used on purchasing materials for the specific project. Most awnings are custom and there is a wide variety of materials and fabrics to choose from.

Q: How long will my order take to fill?

A: About two to four weeks. Large projects are done in phases.

Q: Can we call to check on the progress?

A: Yes. It’s common to check in with your salesperson to check status, you can call or email them.

Q: What is the minimum height required for mounting?

A: There is a minimum of 8 feet off your deck, patio or walk surface.

Q: Who does the manufacturing and where?

A: Our employees do all the manufacturing on-site here in San Diego, California. Retractable awnings, are assembled by our trained installers at our facility.

Q: Who does the installation?

A: We employ only knowledgeable and trained installers, we do not subcontract manufacturing or installation unless we notify you in the contract.

Q: How are the awnings maintained?

A: Clean awnings last longer. Just simply hosing off will help. Do not power wash! However we do recommend calling a cleaning company for scheduled maintenance. Feel free to call us for a referral.

Q: Will you install an awning I already have brought elsewhere?

A: We cannot take responsibility for another’s product and our installers may not be qualified to do the installation.