Mission Statement


Our Mission is to provide the highest level of customer service, product design, product manufacturing, and product completion that meets specified time frames for our customers, which in turn will ensure our prosperity and our client’s.

We understand the importance of a high quality product. We are seasoned craftsmen/women who love their craft.

We take the time to understand your needs so we can provide the most effective solution(s) for the project at hand.

We will design and manufacture residential or commercial awnings with quality materials, workmanship and installation without cutting corners.

We will strive for customer satisfaction valuing each and every customer for their repeat business. We will back our materials with our service to make sure every customer’s expectations have been met.

We will grow with our company, maintaining high standards without losing our core values of ethics, courage, and commitment.

We will implement new ideals (product) from our employees and customers visions.

We will bring the “product” (vision) into the market place with pride.

When we fail, we won’t quit.

We will treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

“For every need, there is a solution.”